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Weed Department

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The Teton County Noxious Weed Management District provides the following services:

  • Noxious weed management on public and private lands in Teton County.
  • Provides and distributes bio-control agents.
  • Provides noxious weed education and identification.
  • Assists landowner in preparing noxious weed trust grants.
  • Provides slide-in sprayer for the county residents to use for noxious weed control.


Mark Korte
Weed District Coordinator
E-mail: mkorte@tetoncountymt.gov

Weed District Shop

Physical Address
99 Hwy 221
Choteau, MT 29422

What Is a Noxious Weed?

Any exotic plant species established or that may be introduced in the state which may render land unfit for agriculture, forestry, livestock, wildlife or other beneficial uses or that may harm native plant communities and that is designated as:

  1. A statewide noxious weed by rule of the Department of Agriculture.
  2. A district noxious weed by a board, following public notice of intent and a public hearing.

There are 32 statewide noxious weeds and one county (Musk Thistle) addition to the noxious weed list.

What Can You Do About Noxious Weeds?

Get involved with your local Weed District. All land owners and managers must get involved for effective weed control within the district. Learn to prevent new invaders from establishing by being able to recognize these noxious weeds and contacting the Weed District Coordinator about new establishments of noxious weeds. Create and implement a noxious weed control plan on your own lands and monitor its effects on a regular basis. There are many tools to use so contact Mark Korte at 466-2155 for more information.

Click on the following links for valuable resources concerning noxious weed management efforts locally and across Montana.
Montana Weed Control Association
Rocky Mountain Front Weed Roundtable

Recycle Waste Pesticide Containers

Teton County is now offering a drop-site for recycling empty waste pesticide containers. Containers must be triple rinsed, punctured and labels and caps/foil removed. They can then be dropped off for recycling at the Teton County Weed District Shop, at 99 Hwy 221, Choteau, MT.

How Can You Help?

Teton Canyon Weed Pull – Held in mid-July in beautiful Teton Canyon. Learn to identify noxious weeds, help manage them, enjoy a BBQ lunch and win prizes! Great for families. Date to be announced each spring.

Buzzy Breen Memorial Bug Collection Day – Collect leafy spurge bio control beetles along the Teton River for re-release. Held in mid-July. Date to be announced. For information on scheduling call Mark Korte at 466-2155.

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