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Road Department


Alan Gagne, Superintendent
Cell:  406-788-9277 (New Number)

Michelle Osborn, Road Clerk
Email: tcrd@tetoncountymt.gov

Snow Removal Policy

The Teton County Road Department strives to provide reasonable and dependable snow removal services to the residents of Teton County. The following policy will be utilized for snow removal:

  1. Snow plowing will be considered when there is three inches of snow cover depending upon conditions such as wind and temperature as well as public safety concerns.
  2. Operators will be dispatched by the road superintendent or leadman. Overtime for operators must be approved in advance or, in the event of an emergency, overtime will be approved as soon as possible.
  3. Roads will be plowed primarily during daylight hours; however, plows may be dispatched early – recommended 6 a.m. – on days of significant snowfall at the discretion of the superintendent or leadman, or at any time under emergency circumstances; i.e. medical problems, severe need for food and fuel. Safety of operators will be considered in emergencies and at night.
  4. In the event of wet snow, plowing of gravel roads may be delayed, unless safety factors dictate otherwise, due to potential damage to the road bed.
  5. Roads will be plowed during the regular workweek giving consideration to snow fall amounts and other conditions. Roads will also be plowed on weekends and holidays when substantial snow has fallen or when conditions make travel unsafe.
  6. Roads will be plowed adhering to the following priorities:
    • 1st Priority – secondary roads and school bus routes
    • 2nd Priority – other paved roads
    • 3rd Priority – mail routes
    • 4th Priority – other gravel roads depending upon need and use
  7. Missile Road Emergency Snow Removal will be conducted as agreed to in the Contract Agreement.

Adopted December 16, 1999

Teton County Culvert Policy

The placement or replacement of any culvert related to a County Road that is not a natural drain but serves primarily irrigation purposes shall be cost shared by the County and Irrigation Company under the following policy:

  1. The County or a licensed contractor shall complete the installation of culverts.
  2. The County and Irrigation Company shall divide the costs of the culvert and installation if a larger culvert is needed due to water volume from irrigation or when a new culvert is requested for irrigation purposes. If the County installs the culvert, the Irrigation Company will pay for 2/3 of the materials. If the Irrigation Company has the culvert installed, the County will pay for 2/3 of the materials.
  3. If replacement of the culvert is because of age or damage, the County will replace the culvert at no cost to the Irrigation Company if the County originally installed and paid for the culvert.
  4. If any extenuating circumstances exist, the Irrigation Company may consult with the Road Department foreman and County Commissioners to reach an equitable arrangement for the installation and cost of irrigation related culverts.
  5. Culverts will be maintained by the County unless arrangements are made by the Irrigation Company.
  6. The County will not sell any new culverts to private individuals.

Adopted on November 16, 2000 by Teton County Commissioners:
Adam F. Dahlman; R.F. Sam Carlson; Mary Sexton