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Diabetes Prevention

Healthy Tracks is a sponsored by the Montana Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Prevention Program. It is designed to educate, guide, and support participants through the adoption of healthy lifestyle changes through a comprehensive 12-month program.

Topics covered in this curriculum include:

  • Healthy eating
  • Physical activity
  • Stress management
  • Sustaining behavior change

In order to cover these topics, the program consists of 6 months of weekly meetings, designed to provide the necessary information and feedback to initiate healthy lifestyle changes. Following these weekly meetings, the program moves to monthly sessions, which will provide opportunities to review participant progress, answer questions, and reinforce the elements of a healthy lifestyle. In addition, the program provides for regular exercise sessions, in which various types of exercises are taught and led by a qualified instructor.

We strive to make this program affordable to all county residents. We offer a 2-for-1 family discount, and scholarships are also available for qualifying individuals.

So that this program can meet the specific needs of our participants, we offer individual and group coaching by a trained lifestyle coach.

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About the Diabetes Prevention Program

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