Teton County now has at-home COVID-19 test kits available.

Please read the following fully and carefully!

  • Test kits are provided by the state when available. These are a limited resource and are for individuals in Teton County who have difficulty accessing COVID-19 testing.
  • CALL AHEAD to one of the test kit distribution sites listed below to request your test kit. If you are sick, please try and arrange for someone else to pick up a test kit for you like a neighbor, friend, or family member. If you must go out, please wear a mask.
  • Limit is one kit per person in your household.
  • Each kit contains two tests – a single negative result should not be used to rule out COVID-19 if you continue to have symptoms. If your first test is negative, but you still have symptoms, stay home and repeat with the second test in the kit as indicated on the instructions. Follow-up with your health care provider about next steps.
  • The kits available are antigen, self-administered tests – also referred to as rapid tests.
  • It is very important that individuals report all (both negative and positive) results using the instructions provided with your test kit.
  • These tests are NOT accepted for travel testing.

Who are the at-home tests for?

We have limited supply of COVID-19 tests so we are prioritizing individuals who:

  • Are Symptomatic
  • OR are unvaccinated and in quarantine due to an exposure to COVID-19
  • OR are vaccinated and have been identified as a close contact

At-home test distribution sites in Teton County

Teton County Health Department
905 4th St NW, Choteau, MT 59422

Fairfield Food Pantry
603 Central Ave, Fairfield, MT 59436

Power School
402 Teton Avenue, Power, MT  59468
406-463-2251 or 406-781-2757

The Teton County Health Department offers COVID-19 Testing:

11am to Noon

  • You MUST call ahead of time (406-466-2562) to give pertinent information for testing.
  • We test individuals in their vehicle in the parking lot in front of the health department at 905 4th St NW, Choteau MT.
  • There is not cost for getting tested.

Who can get tested:

  • Individuals who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19
  • Individuals who have a known exposure to someone with COVID-19
  • We do not offer travel testing or pre-op at this time.

Types of tests offered:

  • Rapid antibody testing (same day results)
  • PCR testing (send out, 2-7 days for results)