Guidance for Businesses

Phase 2 Reopening Guidance

You can read the Governor’s Phase 2 directive here: Phase Two Directive with Appendices

Our health department has created a Phase 2 Guidance for Reopening document that can be found here:
PHASE 2 Guidance for Reopening

Here are the individual sections of the Phase 2 Guidance for reopening document:

PHASE 2 Retail and General Businesses
PHASE 2 Personal Care, Salons, Massage
PHASE 2 Churches and Places of Worship
PHASE 2 Childcare
PHASE 2 Restaurants, Bars, Casinos
PHASE 2 Outdoor Recreation
PHASE 2 Youth Activities
PHASE 2 Yard Garage Sales
PHASE 2 Outfitters and Guides
PHASE 2 Gyms and Fitness Centers
PHASE 2 Farmers Markets
PHASE 2 Places of Assembly

Reopening Plan Template for Businesses and Organizations:
We have created a Reopening Plan Template for businesses and organizations to use as they plan to become operational again. The plan can be printed and is available here: Reopening Plan Template

Businesses are welcome to call the Health Department at (406)466-2562 for guidance about reopening. We are here to help.

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