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Teton County is located on the Rocky Mountain Front, which forms the seam between the wilderness of the Lewis and Clark National Forest and the foothills and plains.

Teton County’s population is 6100 people, living in both communities and rural areas.  There are 2.7 people per square mile.  The communities include Bynum, Choteau, Dutton, Fairfield, Pendroy and Power.

We’re proud of our communities and ready with open hospitality for visitors and travelers. Stop here awhile and you’ll realize why life in Teton County is such a valuable treasure.



The community of BynuBynum 1m, located 13 miles north of Choteau on Highway 89, is home to a population of only a few dozen people.  Bynum has a long history in North Central Montana, and has been around for over 100 years.   Today Bynum is most famous for its dinosaurs.




Places to visit in Bynum:

Montana Dinosaur Center
Bynum Reservoir
Blackleaf Wildlife Management Area


CourthouseThe city of Choteau is known as the Gateway to the Rocky Mountain Front.  Choteau was incorporated in 1913 and currently has a population of 1,684, as of the 2010 census.  Choteau is the county seat of Teton County and has a rich agricultural history.   For many, Choteau evokes striking images of the Rocky Mountain Front, a landscape abundant with wildlife, rich recreational opportunities, and traditional avenues of commerce.



Official City of Choteau Webpage
Choteau Chamber of Commerce
Visit Choteau

Places to visit in Choteau:

Old Trail Museum
Choteau Country Club Golf Course
Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area


DuttonThe community of Dutton is located along Interstate 15 on the eastern side of Teton County, and is home to a population of 315.  The town grew rapidly during the 1910 and ’20s and had a bank, a newspaper, grain elevators, and a variety of businesses. Unlike many small agricultural communities, Dutton has continued to prosper, in large part because of its operating grain elevators in the middle of wheat farms.


FairfieldFairfield is the self-proclaimed “Malting Barley Capital of the World” with 83,000 acres of irrigated cropland in production for the purpose of raising malt barley in the vicinity.  The community is located on Highway 89, and is home to just over 700 residents.  Because of its location, Fairfield has outstanding recreational opportunities.  There are plenty of year round opportunities such as bird watching, skiing, snowboarding, hiking, hunting, fishing, boating, canoeing and much more!

Fairfield Chamber of Commerce

Places to visit in Fairfield:

Harvest Hills Golf Course
Fairfield City Park Veterans Memorial
Bob Marshall Wilderness Complex
Freezeout Lake Wildlife Management Area


Located 21 miles north of Choteau just east of US Highway 89 on Secondary Highway 221, this small farming community is in the heart of one of the best dryland grain-growing areas in Montana. Pendroy found its origins as a terminal for the Great Northern Railroad and a shipping point for grain farmers in the area.

Places to visit in Pendroy:

The Rose Room Restaurant


PowerLocated about 22 miles northwest of Great Falls on Interstate 15, the homestead community of Power now serves a thriving rural area of farmers, ranchers, businesses and commuters from Great Falls.  T.C. Power homesteaded the area in the early 1900s on 160 acres in Teton County.

Places to visit in Power:

Whistle Stop Senior Center

Privacy Preference Center