Marriage Licenses

Marriage licenses are obtained from the Clerk of District Court at the Teton County Courthouse. Once issued, the license can be used immediately or up to 180 days after the date of issue. The license may be obtained in any county within the state of Montana, and the ceremony can take place in any county within Montana. Within 30 days after the ceremony, the license must be returned to the Clerk’s office to be registered. The couple will then receive two certified copies of the license for name change and legal purposes.

Marriage License Applications and Declarations of Marriage are processed between 8:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.

What Do You Need?

  • Completed Marriage License Application
  • $53 Cash or Check
  • Valid picture identification (driver’s license, passport)
  • Birth Information including City, County, State or Foreign Country
  • Social Security Number
  • Fathers’ first, middle, and last name, current residence, and birth state
  • Mothers’ first, middle, and maiden name, current residence, and birth state
  • Any information and documentation regarding previous marriages including date, county, and state of dissolution or death of spouse
  • Must be at least 18 years of age OR:
    • Parental Consent–Parent or legal guardians must sign Marriage Application and the signatures must be notarized.
    • Counseling–Proof of two counseling sessions, not less than ten days apart.
    • Judicial Approval–A District Court Judge must approve and sign Marriage Application. The Judge may require a conference with applicants and guardian(s)

Who Can Legally Perform Your Marriage Ceremony?

Montana Code Annotated, 40-1-301 states a Montana marriage can be solemnized by:

  • Clergy
  • Judge (or retired judge) of a court of record
  • Public official whose powers include solemnization of marriages
  • Mayor, City Judge, Justice of the Peace
  • Tribal Judge

Declaration of Marriage

Is it legal? Once a Declaration of Marriage is filed with the Clerk of District Court, the couple is recognized as being legally married.

How to apply.  The application process is the same as the application for a marriage license.

Cost. $53.00, the same as a marriage license.

How to prepare your declaration of marriage. You must prepare your own Declaration.  It may be typed or handwritten.  Your Declaration of Marriage must be one-sided and must include the following information for both the bride and groom:

  • Full Names
  • Current Age
  • City and State of Residence
  • Fathers’ first, middle, and last name,  and city and state of current residence
  • Mothers’ first, middle, and maiden name, and city and state of current residence
  • The date you are declaring your marriage
  • A statement that both parties are legally competent to enter into the marriage contract
  • Signature lines for the bride, groom, and two witnesses (not to be signed until instructed by the Clerk)

Rubella Blood Test

Blood Tests are no longer required in the state of Montana.

Obtaining Copies of Your Marriage License or Declaration

Marriage licenses can be obtained in the county they were purchased in.  Copies of marriage licenses purchased in Teton County are available at the Clerk of Court’s office located at 1 Main Avenue South, Choteau.  The cost is $5.00 for a copy and $7.00 for a certified copy.

Marriage Licenses are sealed for thirty (30) years.  If someone other than the bride or groom would like to request a copy of a sealed marriage license, they need a notarized letter from the bride or groom along with a copy of the bride’s or groom’s photo ID.

Copies can be requested in person or in writing by completing the Request for Copy of Marriage License form, available from the Clerk of District Court.

Requests are done in the order they are received.  Please allow 5 days processing time.

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