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Mission Statement

It is the mission of Teton County EMS to meet and exceed the community’s needs and expectations for education, life safety and emergency medical services while promoting strong community values in an organized team approach.




Deb Coverdell, EMS Director

406-466-5552, 460-590-3748
Email: dcoverdell@tetoncountymt.gov

Teton County is a Volunteer EMS organizations that has ambulances or Quick Response Units throughout the entire county.

Choteau Ambulance– Ken Bassmann, Crew Chief 703-969-4226

Dutton Ambulance– Colleen Campbell, Crew Chief 406-781-6461

Fairfield Ambulance– Leon Beachy, Crew Chief 406-590-3439

Power Ambulance– Chuck Andrews, Crew Chief 406-781-0954

Pendroy QRU– Neal Collins, Crew Chief 406-590-4165