Teton County COVID-19 Updates

We will provide this COVID-19 (Coronavirus) update daily.

3/29/20  8:50  am
Confirmed Cases in Teton County: 0
Confirmed Cases in Montana: 154

Please refer to this map of reported COVID-19 cases in Montana.

Key Messages:

The Teton County Board of Health passed an Emergency Health Rule Relating to COVID-19 on 3/27/20.

You can read the entire Emergency Health Rule here:
Emergency Health Rule

What does this mean?

  • Teton County will abide by any current or future Directives issued by the Governor of Montana related to COVID-19 response.
  • Violations of this rule shall be punished pursuant to Sections 50-2-123, and 50-2-124, Montana Code Annotated.

Governor Bullock issued a stay at home directive for Montana.
All individuals living within the State of Montana are directed to stay at home or at their place of residence to the greatest extent possible, except for Essential Activities or to operate Essential Businesses and Operations as outlined in this directive.

You can read the entire directive here:
Stay at Home Directive

What does this mean?

We are asking for people to stay away from others as much as possible.  Practical examples of this for individuals and families may include:

  • Plan ahead! Try to limit shopping trips to only once a week for groceries and other essential items, and send just one person per household to the store.
  • It is still ok to spend time outside, but do not gather in crowds and practice social distancing by keeping 6 ft (or much more!) between yourself and others.

What are Essential Services?

Below is a link on the U.S. Department of Homeland Security identifying Essential Workers.
Federal Guidance on Essential Workers (starts on page 5)

Please use these two documents to identify Essential Workers. Businesses are welcome to contact the health department at 466-2562 if they have any questions  or need help identifying if a business is considered essential under these guidelines.

Teton County Hotline:

The public is encourage to call the Teton County COVID-19 Response HOTLINE at 406-466-2505 wih any questions or needs in regards to COVID-19.  Our health department staff is monitoring this HOTLINE and will be checking the messages several times each day. We have a team of volunteers to help with needs.  For example: If a community member is high-risk or ill & in quarantine or isolation, we have volunteers who can deliver groceries & essential items to their doorstep.

Are you getting your information about
COVID-19 (Coronavirus)from the right sources?

Call our health department at 406-466-2562 with any questions.


Here are some other credible resources for information on COVID-19:

You can also visit these websites:
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Public Health and Safety – Montana DPHHS
Map of Reported COVID-19 Cases in Montana




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