Teton County Flood Notifications


This page is no longer being updated as of 8/7/18

National Weather Service Great Falls MT


The Red Cross has provided flood clean up kits for Teton County families affected by the recent flooding.  Kits include gloves, masks, safety glasses, garbage bags, paper towels, etc.  They are available at the Teton County Annex and the Teton County Health Department.


The Montana Red Cross opened an emergency shelter on June 19th, 2018, for people displaced from their homes due to flooding. It is located at the Choteau LDS Church: 1000 First St. N.E., Choteau, MT 59422.  The shelter is being placed on “standby” mode, but can be reopened very quickly, if there is a need.  Contact the Teton County Sheriff at 406-466-5781 to request the shelter.   Please help get the word out to anyone who might be in need. 

Flood Warning
National Weather Service Great Falls MT
1236 PM MDT WED JUN 20 2018

The National Weather Service in Great Falls has issued a Flood Warning for Teton County in north central Montana and West central Chouteau County in north central Montana until 1230 PM MDT Thursday.  At 1233 PM MDT Wednesday, flooding has been reported and continues along the Teton River from recent heavy rainfall. Flooding of some roads and bridges along the river as well as agricultural land is occurring, or expected.


Turn around, don’t drown when encountering flooded roads. Most flood deaths occur in vehicles.

A Flood Warning means that flooding is imminent or occurring. All interested parties should take necessary precautions immediately.

Teton County Informational Hotline

Teton County residents can call 406-466-2505 to hear a brief message regarding the current situation. To receive more information, callers can leave a callback number.  The phone line is monitored regularly.

(406) 466-2505

Please be vigilant of rising water throughout the week as active spring weather fronts come through Teton County.  Please contact the Teton County Road Department at 466-2671 if you encounter water over the road that hasn’t been flagged.


  • ROADS CLOSED: (updated 6/19/18 9:30 AM)
  • Some Choteau residents are experiencing water in basements.  Please see the information below regarding sump pumps.
  • Teton County Road crews continue to flag and open plugged culverts. Please watch for flags!
  • Please contact the Teton County Road Department at 466-2671 if they encounter water over the road that hasn’t been flagged.


Upcoming Meetings and Minutes

Meetings are held at the Teton County Annex (19 Main Ave S., Choteau) at 10am, unless indicated otherwise.  All dates, times , and locations are subject to change.  Please click the date below to access meeting minutes.
March 7, 2018
March 14, 2018
March 21, 2018
March 28, 2018
April 25, 2018
May 2, 2018
May 16, 2018


  • Sandbags are available for purchase in Choteau at Ace Hardware, Old West Lumber, and Teton Lumber. Teton Lumber also has pre-filled sandbags.
  • The City of Choteau will make sandbags available to residents free of charge. Sandbags will be available for pickup at the City Office from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding holidays. Sandbags are not pre-filled and persons are limited to 20 bags.
  • Material for filling bags can be obtained from the sand and gravel pile indicated on the aerial photo to the right. Please only use material from the pile directly north of Alpine Touch. Residents should bring their own gloves and shovels to fill the bags they need.
  • Note that when filling sandbags, fill them only halfway, so they are not too heavy and will stack properly. Note that when filling sandbags, fill them only halfway, so they are not too heavy and will stack properly.
  • For more information of how to properly fill sandbags, try the following websites:


Discharging a sump pump into the city’s sanitary sewer system is a big “no-no”‘. While this might seem like an easier and more attractive option than running a discharge tube from the sump pump to the exterior, it’s illegal in the City of Choteau (as in most cities), when the home is connected to the city sewer.

The main reason that cities don’t allow this is that during big storms or periods of high groundwater their sewage treatment facilities can be overloaded. When this happens, either sewage backs up into people’s homes, or the sewage water only gets partially treated before being dumped into local streams and rivers, in our case, the Teton River.

If you have this type of setup at your own home, the ‘good citizen’ thing to do is to make the sump pump discharge to the exterior. Water your trees or shrubs with it. Run it to the street, if need be.

If you need help determining if your sump pump is connected to the city sewer system, please call the City of Choteau Office at 406-466-2510. We will be more than happy to evaluate your system and offer advice to rectify the problem.


American Red Cross – Flood Safety
Ready.gov – Floods
FEMA – How to Prepare for a Flood
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