P.O. Box 610
Choteau, Montana 59422
Phone: 406-466-2693
TTD or TTY: 406-466-3976
Fax: 406-466-2138
E-mail: paula@3rivers.net
E-mail: debbiew@3rivers.net
E-mail: saraha@3rivers.net

Paula Jaconetty - Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator
Sarah Clarke - Recorder's Office
Debbie Walker - Payroll and Claims

The Clerk and Recorder's Office is responsible for the following:
·Recorded documents
·Birth and death certificates
·Account payable

Claims, Payroll and Elections Descriptions

Recorded Documents: Deeds; Mortgages; Releases; Leases; Orders & Decrees; Assignments and Miscellaneous. These documents are indexed, microfilmed and returned. Recording fee is $7.00 per page, or portion thereof.   Please follow document standards.

Filed Documents: Financing Statements, Liens, Attachments; Notices of Action; Plats; Certificates of Survey; Land Corner Recordations; Election Filings and Miscellaneous. These documents are indexed and filed in the vault. Filing fees vary.

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