Clerk & Recorder / Elections

The Clerk and Recorder’s Office is responsible for the following:

  • Recorded documents
  • Plats
  • Surveys
  • Birth and death certificates
  • Accounts payable 


Paula J. Jaconetty
Clerk and Recorder/Election Administrator

Sarah Clarke

Beth LaRance

Debbie Walker
Claims/Payroll/Accounts Payable
Phone:  406-466-2285

Recorded Documents

Deeds; Mortgages; Releases; Leases; Orders & Decrees; Assignments and Miscellaneous. These documents are indexed, microfilmed and returned. Recording fee is $7.00 per page, or portion thereof.  Non-standard documents incur an additional $10.00 fee.   Please follow document standards.

Filed Documents

Financing Statements, Liens, Attachments; Notices of Action; Plats; Certificates of Survey; Land Corner Recordations; Election Filings and Miscellaneous. These documents are indexed and filed in the vault. Filing fees vary.

Birth and Death Records

Birth and death records are not open to the public.

Certified Copies of a Birth Certificate

Mail a completed copy of the Birth Certificate Request to the Teton County Clerk and Recorder’s Office with a $5.00 fee per document.

Certified Copies of a Death Certificate

Mail a completed copy of the Death Certificate Request to the Teton County Clerk and Recorder’s Office with the proper fees. Fee: $15 for the first certificate and $6 for each additional certificate of the same record.

Military Discharges (DD214)

These are recorded documents with book and page identification. $2.00 plus copy fees. All documents are given numbers and/or book and page identification so they can be located at a future date. It is important that you have that document ID when calling for Information.  Please mail a completed Military Discharge Request to the Teton County Clerk & Recorder’s Office with the proper fees.  Please note: this form must be notarized.


Go to My Voter Page to see if you are registered to vote, what county and address you are registered at, and if you are an absentee voter. The service will identify you as an absentee voter and you can check the status of your absentee ballot for the primary and general elections.  You will able to view a sample ballot for your precinct beginning 45 days before each primary and general election.  Voter Registration Forms and Absentee Ballot Applications may be printed and mailed in.


Montana Association of Clerk & Recorders and Election Administrators                                         

Media Release
February 17, 2017

Paula J Jaconetty, Teton County Clerk and Recorder and Election Administrator

Zinke Special Election to Come at a Cost to Taxpayers.
Election Administrators have a Solution.


The November General Election held on November 8, 2016 was the most expensive statewide election on record at over three million dollars. This was due to many factors, including unprecedented voter turnout and the reprinting of ballots due to Libertarian candidate Mike Fellow’s untimely death. As Representative Zinke’s pending appointment looms over Montana, Election Administrators across the state see mounting costs for an unbudgeted election.


Election Administrators have a solution to save taxpayers money. Election Offices are not subsidized by federal or state offices. Elections are funded at the county level by taxpayers. To save taxpayers money, Election Administrators are proposing a bill to conduct the United States Representative Special Election by mail ballot. Conducting a federal special election by mail will save counties upwards of sixty percent – this equates to over a half million dollars of saving, but it also gives counties the option to run the election by polling place, if they prefer.


Here are the points supporting a special election to be conducted by mail:


  • It will save taxpayers money. Conducting the special federal election for Representative Zinke’s seat by mail would conservatively save taxpayers statewide between a half a million dollars and three quarters of a million dollars.


  • Allowing for a mail ballot election will help save the taxpayers and the counties money and reduce the extent of the service cuts that counties will inevitably have to make to fund this election.
  • Mail ballot elections are extremely secure. Only registered voters receive a ballot in the mail and when the ballot is returned, the voter’s signature is verified before the ballot can be accepted and counted towards the election. If a signature does not match, the ballot is rejected. Montana’s election administrators have been running mail ballot elections for local and school elections for over three decades. They have the experience and ability to run this special election as a mail ballot.
  • Lack of availability of polling places and trained election judges – Under normal circumstances, election administrators have two years to plan for a federal election and arrange for accessible polling places. This special election will only allow for three months of planning. Many of the polling places available under ordinary circumstances will likely not be available for a short-notice election.


These savings can only happen with the support of your elected representatives. Please contact our legislators:  Representative Ross Fitzgerald at and Senator Llew Jones at  and ask them to vote YES on the special election mail ballot bill!